Release relax the dependency on third-party error messages in our unit tests (#555).

This release ensures unit tests can handle the error messages from {styler} correctly that were modified slightly. Apart from hook dependency updates, this release adds no user-facing changes.

Thanks @joshpersi for contributing to this release.

Apart from two new hooks, many bug fixes and a few minor features, this release focused on improving the user experience when installing the hooks, which caused users the most troubles. We enabled fast hook installation without the need for build time or system dependencies on all platforms thanks to the Posit Package Manager and removal of dependencies {git2r} and {digest}.


  • New hook: no-print-statement discovers and check for rogue print statements (#505).
  • New hook: pkgdown runs pkgdown::check_pkgdown() to ensure the {pkgdown} config is valid (#393).
  • add Posit CRAN mirror to ensure macOS binary installs are possible (#488).
  • codemeta-description-updated, roxygenize, and use-tidy-description now all support a root argument that specifies the directory in the git repo that contains the R package. Defaults to . since for most R package git repos, the git and R package root coincide (#432, #438).
  • style-files now supports styling of R code in Quarto docs (#449).
  • style-files now supports file names with spaces (#516).
  • Use python 3.10 by default for conda envs (#477).

Bug Fixes

  • Make sorting consistent with spelling::update_wordlist (#514).
  • Don’t depend on dev version of styler to avoid GitHub rate limit hit (#486).
  • fix roxygenize cache invalidation (#464, #520).
  • fix missing namespace prefixing in roxygen hook (#525).


  • improve spelling (#453).
  • use_ci() is now documented to take NA, not NULL for argument ci (#431).
  • correct typo (#465) and fix error message (#470).



  • Refactored hook dependency update scripts and fixed bug with repos.
  • Automatic hook dependency updates (#539, #532).
  • use ubuntu-latest instead of pinned version for tests (#481).
  • use new {pkgdown} hook in this repo (#460).
  • read-only flag for testing (#529).
  • Bump actions/checkout (#509, #458) and others (#533).
  • ensure local and remote pre-commit execution are the same for this repo (#463).


  • Adjust to latest {roxygen2} CRAN release (#536).

Changelog from dev releases is collapsed into this patch release at the time this release is created. If you need releases by dev release, i.e. 0.3.2.x, checkout this file at git tag v0.3.2.9020.

A big thanks goes to all people who made this release reality:

@AliSajid, @averissimo, @clarkliming, @danielinteractive, @denn173, @dependabot[bot], @EzicJ, @fabianegli, @hadley, @IndrajeetPatil, @jashapiro, @joelnitta, @jonathanckt, @jsnel, @kcphila, @KoderKow, @KyleDCox, @lorenzwalthert, @m-muecke, @mythichamster, @ns-rse, @pre-commit-ci[bot], @russHyde, @sempwn, @stefanoborini, @thefabnab, @TNonet, @TymekDev, and @yogat3ch.

  • parsable-R hook now gives more context on where and how parsing fails (#423).
  • fixed R CMD check issues in devel (#425).
  • move from experimental to stable (#426).

Thanks to @danielinteractive, @jonocarroll for their contributions.

User visible changes

  • .pre-commit-config.yaml templates now contain hook to validate the configuration (#407).
  • {git2r} is no longer needed for user side (#417).

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug that prevented pkg load outside directories with precommit files (@mpadge, #413).
  • Ensure sorting for spell-check hook is case-insensitive on all operating systems. This may re-order your whole inst/WORDLIST (#405).
  • hook forbid-to-commit in template .pre-commit-config.yaml has now the correct exclude-files regular expression to ignore .csv, .RData, .Rds, .rds and .Rhistory (#410).


  • options(install.packages.compile.from.source = "never") is used in the CI to avoid failing builds due to missing build-time deps (#412).
  • All (R)md files in that repo are now formatted in a pandoc-compliant way (#415).

Thanks to @danielinteractive and @mpadge for their contributions.

API changes

  • The style-files hook now takes ignore-start and ignore-stop arguments, passed to options("styler.ignore_start") and options("styler.ignore_stop"). By default, {styler} defaults are used.
  • use_precommit() now exposes the argument autoupdate, defaulting to TRUE (which was the previous behavior). This tells {precommit} whether or not to run autoupdate() as part of the former function invocation (#386).

New features

  • New hook no-debug-statement checks for leftover debug() and debugonce() statements in the committed code (#385, @lukasfeick-sw).
  • The template .pre-commit-config.yaml does now include the hook file-contents-sorter to sort .Rbuildignore (#366).
  • The template .pre-commit-config.yaml default to monthly hook updates (instead of weekly) to avoid notification triggers and git version convolution (#370).
  • The codemeta hook was ported to language: r (#350).


  • Refactor README into new README and a Get started vignette (#388).
  • Document advantages of pre-commit in vignette (#379).

Bug fixes

  • Don’t include R as a dependency with snippet_generate("additional-deps-roxygenize") (#358).
  • roxygenize hook now fails if it generates an .Rd file that is not tracked with version control (#363).
  • Improved compatibility with {renv} (#359, #375, #400).
  • deps-in-desc and parsable-R can now handle code chunk headers with where purl or eval are not literals like TRUE, but variables defined elsewhere in code (#361, #382).
  • deps-in-desc now prints the original file (not a tempfile) also for .Rmd and .Rnw files.

Thanks to all people who contributed to this release: @assignUser, @danhalligan, @gravesti, @hadley, @KyleDCox, @lorenzwalthert, @lukasfeick-sw, @MarkMc1089, @pat-s, @RoyalTS, and @smingerson.

This is a maintenance release on the request of CRAN (#337) and to improve experience with the language: r switch conducted in v0.2.0. In particular, note that projects using {renv} and RStudio are not very compatible with hook versions > and autoupdate() results in downgrading the hook versions (#346).

API Changes

  • The argument --no-warn-cache in the style-files and the roxygenize hook is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please remove it from your .pre-commit-config.yaml (#340. #341).

Other changes

  • style-files hook fails more informatively if required package is not listed in additional_dependencies: (#333).
  • configure all git operations to use LF (#337).
  • deps-in-desc always excludes (#336).
  • Document timeout and other problems with (#335).
  • simplify roxygenize problem handling (#338).
  • More executables on macOS are detected (#344).
  • Only hard dependencies are generated with snippet_generate("additional-deps-roxygenize") (#344)
  • Fixing more CRAN issues (#348).
  • Use RSMP for all packages (#348).

Thanks to all people who contributed to this release:

@lorenzwalthert, @pat-s, and @smingerson.

This version marks the switch to language: r of all existing hooks. This means two things:

  • creation of isolated pre-commit environments: No more manual dependency management for hooks nor conflicts with your global R library and more consistent output of hooks from different collaborators in a project. Thanks to {renv}’s excellent caching, this hardly consumes any space and is fast. This requires the Python package pre-commit >= 2.11.1 (ideally even >= 2.13.0). See *Installation/Update** below (#233, #250, #260, #264, #273, #315, #313, #308, #301, #300, #295, #285, #328).
  • support for continuous integration via and GitHub Actions), that is, running the pre-commit hooks as part of a CI pipeline. This means that hook passing can be enforced for pull requests, even if the creator did not run the hooks locally. Further, the diff from running the hooks is committed and pushed back to the remote repository. This may fix the failing hook problems in some cases (e.g. style-files). See vignette("ci") for a comparison of the two services (#318).

API changes

  • use_precommit() gains a new argument ci defaulting to "native" (for pre-commit) to set up continuous integration. Other allowed values are "gha" (for
    GitHub Actions) or NULL (for no CI).
  • The new exported function use_ci(ci = "native") can be used to set up continuous integration for existing repos. The default behavior for ci for both functions is governed by the R option
  • version_precommit() and update_precommit() are new functions to check the version of the installed pre-commit executable and to update it (#197).
  • style-files hook gains an argument --cache-root that is passed to options(styler.cache_root = ...) (#305).
  • style-files hook now supports the full style_file() API, e.g. you can supply --scope=spaces and similar via args: in your .pre-commit-config.yaml. See the docs for details.
  • style-files and roxygenize hooks now warn if there is no permanent R.cache cache set up. You can silence the warning with the hook argument --no-warn-cache (#225).


Please follow the update instructions or installation instructions depending on whether or not you previously used pre-commit.

Major changes

  • Because hooks run in a virtual environment and the roxygenize hook runs pkgload::load_all(), you need to list all dependencies of your package in additional_dependencies field in .pre-commit-config.yaml. You will be prompted to add them if they are missing, precommit::snippet_generate("additional-deps-roxygenize") generates the code you can copy/paste (#247, #248, #249).
  • the parsable-R hook can now also parse .Rmd files (#325).
  • In order to avoid multiple installations of the pre-commit framework, a warning is issued if multiple are found so the user can remove them (#266, #273, #277, #278).
  • use_precommit(..., install_hooks = TRUE) is no longer blocking by default. New option precommit.block_install_hooks (defaults to FALSE) governs the behavior (#312).
  • Always sort inst/WORDLIST (#303).
  • .lintr and .gitlab-ci.yml are not ignored in the spell check hook (#317).
  • Warnings are no longer promoted to errors in the styler hook, which is particularly relevant for the apparently random error Unknown or uninitialised column: text (#268).
  • deps-in-desc now checks .Rprofile, .Rmd and .Rnw files in addition to .R files (#216).
  • the lintr and styler hook now also check .Rmd, .Rnw and .Rprofile files (#287).
  • renv infra files are not checked anymore by default in the template config files (#237).
  • .png, .jpeg, .pdf and files in .github/workflows are no longer spell-checked in the template config file (#276).

Minor changes

  • rename default branch to main (#307).
  • Use dev version of {lintr} to reduce total dependencies from 71 to 59 that brings down install time.
  • The location of the pre-commit executable is now also recognized on Apple Silicon when installed with Homebrew (#240).
  • The location of the pre-commit executable is now also recognized on macOS when installed with pip3 and fs >= 1.5.1 (#330).
  • pinning python version to 3.9 for conda until problems related to 3.10 are fixed (#310).
  • The cache for the roxygen2 hook is now also invalidated for changes in formals if there are no changes in roxygen comments (#214).
  • All sub-patterns in the exclude: pattern of the spell check hook are now ordered alphabetically (#276).
  • The deps-in-desc hook now points to the hook argument --allow_private_imports when the hook fails due to private imports (#254).
  • roxygenize hook is now fully tested (#267).
  • Hook scripts were relocated and R hooks now have a file extension (#280).
  • Hook dependency updates are proposed by an automatic monthly pull request to lorenzwalthert/precommit. This does not affect users directly (#430).
  • Updated GitHub Action workflows (#288).
  • Use LF line endings in git config to ensure passing tests on Windows for R devel (#321).
  • fixing typos (#289).
  • fix R CMD Check (#284).

A big hand to all the contributors of this release:

@adamblake, @arbues6, @b4D8, @bart1, @dhersz, @joelnitta, @jucor, @lorenzwalthert, @lukasfeick-sw, @MarkMc1089, @njtierney, @pat-s, @pwildenhain, and @rossdrucker

For previous versions of with news bullet per patch release, see the latest before gathering.

This is mainly a CRAN maintenance release because of #201 and includes some bug fixes and no API changes.

A big hand to all the contributors of this release: @fschoner, @krzyslom, @lorenzwalthert, @maurolepore, @pat-s, and @zkamvar.

Minor Changes

Initial CRAN release. See

  • Roxygen hook cache only includes files that are part of the index and will hence be able to use the cache in cases it was previously invalidated without need (#171).
  • styler hook should fail if styling any file fails (#174).
  • Don’t allow legacy hooks by default, delete README hook from usethis informatively (#167).

Major Changes

  • use_precommit() gains new install_hooks = TRUE parameter. Now all hook environments defined in yaml config are by default installed in advance. (#163)

Breaking Changes

Major Changes

  • By default, the spell check hook now exposes a regex pattern in the default .pre-commit-config-config.yaml for the spell check hook for easy manipulation. Also, additional patterns were excluded such as .sh (#157).

Minor Changes

  • DESCRIPTION now links the pkgdown website in addition to the GitHub repo (#155).
  • .Renviron, .Rrofile, .RData, .feather and .Rds is now also excluded from the spell checking hook.

Breaking Changes

A major API review was conducted to make the package ready for a CRAN submission in #152:

  • all functions have the argument path_root renamed to root.
  • argument root now always defaults to here::here() for consistency.
  • argument config_source was renamed to config_source in use_precommit_config() and use_precommit().
  • use_precommit_config’s argument force gains a default value for consistency with use_config().
  • use_precommit_config’s argument verbose now is in the same position as in use_config().

Additional breaking changes are:

  • use env r-precommit instead of r-reticulate to avoid conflicts with other packages commonly installed in r-reticulate (#147).
  • the hook spell-check does no longer take the hook argument ignore-files since this was inconsistent with the pre-commit framework. To exclude additional files, specify the exclude: key in your .pre-commit-config.yaml file. If you like to keep excluding the default files, make sure you include the default regex (#153).
  • roxygenize hook now only ran when git diff --cached contains roxygen comments (#151).
  • conda is a suggested dependency now, so those who choose a different installation method have a more lightweight dependency graph (#136).
  • Use more thoughtful order for hooks, between pkg and project (#142).

Test release process.

  • auto-detect pre-commit executable when installed via pip for Linux (#120), macOS (#131).
  • auto-detect pre-commit executable when installed via brew for macOS (#132).
  • use_precommit() gains new argument config_source to copy an existing config file into the repo at initialization. The argument defaults to options('precommit.config_source') to make it easy for users to use their preferred hooks in every repo they initialize (#111).
  • Create r-precommit env if not existent before installing into it (#114).
  • Unify vignettes on available hooks and arguments (#109).
  • Fail fast when repo is not a git repo (#111).
  • default config file has spell-check activated (#118).
  • also test on macOS (#120).
  • template .pre-commit-config.yaml includes hook to check files have a EOF blank line (#126).
  • spell-check hook now removes blank lines hand has no blank line at EOF (#127).
  • depreciate path_pre_commit_exec() in favor of path_precommit_exec() and adapt internals to replace pre_commit with precommit (#130).
  • more coherent error catching for system calls (#135).
  • internal refactoring (#136).
  • BREAKING: If you used precommit < (and if you choose a different installation strategy than precommit::install_precommit()), you can link your existing executable by setting the R optionprecommit.executable` to the path where you stored the pre-commit executable.

  • Adding tools to work with hooks: install_precommit(), use_precommit(), uninstall_precommit(), open_config() and open_wordlist() using conda environments on all platforms.

  • Make repo a fully R CMD CHECK compliant R package (includes moving hooks to inst/bin from bin.)

  • renamed repo from pre-commit-hooks to precommit.

  • added pkgdown website, restructured README.