Recently, I have been involved in a few projects related to R software development:

  • styler. Non-invasive pretty printing of R code. Through Google Summer of Code 2017, I worked with my mentors Kirill Mueller and Yihui Xie on a source code formatter for R. You can install it from CRAN. Check out this blog post about it.

  • strcode. Structure and abstract your code. A package that mainly provides RStudio Add-ins to insert code breaks as well as tools to analyse code. Check out the GitHub repository here.

  • gitsum. Parse and summarize git repository history. This package allows you to extract file-level information for all commits in a git repo and can create summary reports based on that information.

  • refactor. Better factor handling with R. This is an R package that aims to make working with categorical variables more fun. Have a look at the GitHub Page of the project or at the GitHub repository.

You can find more projects on my personal GitHub account.